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You can call me Hound.
Astral Hellhoundkin.
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Gender nonspecific pronouns.

This is my otherkin/pagan blog.

I also run the blog kin-castle.
Canis Cælestis

sweetlittle-elf asked: When was the last time you astral projected?

ahhhh like maybe almost a month ago now?? before that it was maybe another 2-3 months v-v

I haven’t been very good about actively trying to though, so it’s all on me haha

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Anonymous asked: How do you go about checking your online users and where they were directed from? That would be a really helpful resource to have when I get these random influxes of hate anon (an nice anon).

this is the one I use friend!! uvu

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Anonymous asked: Thoughts on "planetkin" or people identifying as planets, stars, other cosmic bodies etc. Like, what if someone identifies as Pluto? Does that mean nobody else no matter how much they try can be Pluto?

*shrugs* people can identify at whatever they want, so long as they aren’t trying to troll the community and spread misinformation.

Being astralkin I tend to have a soft spot for space/celestialkin uvu

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Anonymous asked: so ive read about the rope technique to project and i think i have it down but how long should it be between laying down and trying to visualize the rope?

It varies greatly based on a LOT of different factors, so its hard to give it a time-based estimate.

I’d say wait until you start seeing white/purple visuals (with your eyes still closed obviously)

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Anonymous asked: Wow, you've been popular tonight. Lol. Anyways, do I have to be Christian to AP? I want to try it and I've read about it online, but I'm atheist.

Absolutely not!! I’m pagan and I project regularly. In fact, usually, christians are less likely to do AP because of the misconceptions around it being some kind of dark art haha

I was actually atheist until I started projecting and it has helped my to figure out how I believe the universe, as well as the afterlife works c: Which I think has improved my day-to-day life tbh

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thehearthdemon asked: YOU HAVE ALL YOUR SPOONS! YAY FRIEND! :3

The 4channers were kind enough to amuse me to the point of full spoons

I am pleased

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I care so little about the opinions of fuckholes on 4chan that I’m literally gaining spoons from all of this omfg

yes feed me energy with your ignorance

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Anonymous asked: have you ever had sex? or even held hands with a girl?

uh I really don’t see how my sex life is any of your business

go back to 4chan

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